Eau de ZUM Perfume

  • $ 13.45
  • Save $ 1.05

You’re not hallucinating. You are indeed seeing double: his and hers Eau de Zum…or hers and hers or his and his or any combination under the sun. This isn’t your average haute couture perfume and cologne. Think sweet sophistication, with big doses of woodsy and sexy in Frankincense & Myrrh. No phthalates, no alcohol, no models rolling around on the beach. Feels good to smell good. And to not have sand up you-know-where. Smells like rock ‘n roll-on. You don’t have to be a celebrity to work this signature woodsy-sweet heat. Eau de Zum perfume oil now available in a chic, sleek .33 fl oz tube. It’s best worn with a smile...there are NO phthalates to cramp your style.

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