Artisan Enhancements

Elevate your projects with the incredible paint mediums, foils, stencils, and finishes from Artisan Enhancements!

Bio-Sustainable Products for a Cleaner, Greener Future.

Plant-based alternatives to synthetic-based products are the future for many industries. As government regulations become tighter and more leaders look to collectively reduce their environments carbon footprint, we believe bio-based products are a responsible step in the right direction. Together we can help to transform the types of plastic products being used, reduce waste, and promote the use of environmentally friendly, bio-sustainable paints and coatings, without comprising industry standards and commercial performance.


We specialize in innovative bio-chemisty.

We specialize in manufacturing and distributing high-performance, bio-sustainable professional decorative coatings. Our ability to manufacture our own products, gives us an advantage in selecting the types of ingredients that go into our products. We focus on ingredients derived from bio-sustainable, plant and mineral based bio-renewable resources.