AE - Scumble

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Scumble by Artisan Enhancements ® is bio-based, hypo-allergenic,  low odor, NO VOC, and environmentally sustainable. Scumble is a translucent, tintable “glaze like” medium with an extended open time. Scumble is formulated to be mixed with tint (such as Mixol colorants), chalk type or clay/mineral paints. Scumble can be used like a traditional glaze medium.


Ideal for sealed painted surfaces. If the Scumble glaze will be applied to a surface painted with a water based chalk type or clay/mineral paints, before beginning the glazing process, seal the painted surface. We recommend a thin coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer by Artisan Enhancements ® to create a sealed barrier and a nice workable surface. Using a brush or roller, apply the tinted Scumble glaze to the sealed painted surface. Wait approximately 2-5 minutes (depending on the desired finish), then begin to wipe the excess  Scumble glaze back using a moistened natural Sea Wool Sponge by Artisan Enhancements ® or clean lint and dye free cloth/rag. The length of time between the glaze application and wiping back the excess  Scumble glaze depends on depth of color of the overall look to be achieved. The longer the glaze remains the surface before being wiped back, the more color stays on the painted sealed surface. Once the desired look is achieved and completely dry (if possible allow to dry overnight), seal with either Clear Topcoat Sealer by Artisan Enhancements®, Clear Finish by Artisan Enhancements®, or soft waxes. Follow the recommended instructions for Clear Topcoat Sealer, Clear Finish, and wax cure times before using the surface.

Open Time & Tinting:

“Open time” refers to the amount of time a product can be exposed to air before drying. Scumble has an extended open time of approximately 20 minutes. Scumble allows the user to have more flexibility to manipulate or wipe the product off while creating and working the desired finish.

Scumble is a translucent base medium which allows it to be easily tinted from light to dark colors. Stir the Scumble base medium thoroughly before tinting. Custom tinted Scumble can be created by taking the Scumble base to a local paint store for tinting. For a quick and easy DIY tinted Scumble glaze, mix Scumble with a water based chalk type or clay/mineral paint, such as Wise Owl Paints.  To tint Scumble with a chalk type or clay/mineral paint – start with a 1:3 ratio of paint to Scumble (1 part paint to 3 parts Scumble).  Scumble is also formulated to be mixed with other tints, such as Mixol colorants. Stir the mixture thoroughly to completely combine both products. Make sure to continually stir the tinted Scumble mixture before, during, and after each application. Test the mixture on a sample piece to determine whether or not add more Scumble for lighter glazes or more paint for darker glazes. Experiment with paint to Scumble ratios until the desired color and opacity is achieved.

Note: We always recommend doing a sample test piece to determine the ratio for the “recipe ” of the tinted Scumble glaze mixture and length of time to leave the glaze on a painted sealed surface.

Helpful Hints – What to do if the Scumble glaze mixture thickens while working?

As the Scumble glaze mixture sits it will begin thicken from being exposed to air. The thicker mixture will not affect finish, however, if a thinner mixture is preferred -simply add more Scumble into the existing mixture.

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