Cling On! B-12 Large Block Brush

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The big Block Brush from ClingOn! is back! This brush is loved by painters for paint and finishes.

The CLING ON! is made of a specially engineered mixture of the best synthetic filaments of Dupont De Nemours; in various lengths and diameters and tipped and flagged; fully locked in epoxy cement to prevent loss of hair, with a stainless steel (nickel for P series) ferrule and a painted beechwood handle.

The main component of the mixture is a very high-quality nylon filament, solid round tapered. The durability of this filament is 5 to 9 times higher than hog bristles and up to 1.5 times higher than most polyester filaments. The shape preservation (the so-called bend-recovery), even more enhanced by the special dyeing technique, is unequaled.

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