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Cling On! P-Series Angled Brushes

  • $ 17.95

P Series/Angled Styles are ideal for all of those tricky areas. I get the most questions about this style. “What are those funky angled ones for?” Once you have used them to reach that area that you couldn’t get to, then you will truly understand their value! They are ideal for pieces like hutches or on the interior of pieces, and for painting under arms of a chair, under a horizontal spindle, and areas that you cannot fit a traditional brush. They aren’t suitable for painting an entire project as they are smaller sizes but you will find many times that you could use one!


The best of both worlds! Dutch style paintbrushes, filled with filaments that are made in the USA = a really superb combination! Cling On! brushes are filled with the highest quality synthetic filaments available, in a mixture, especially designed for applying all waterborne materials.

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