Artisan Enhancements - Clear Finish

  • $ 14.95

Clear Finish is an all natural, water based, non-yellowing varnish. Clear Finish is a thin translucent sealer that dries brilliantly clear. Clear Finish is formulated for ultimate clarity with a satin to glossy finish. Once fully cured, Clear Finish is water-resistant. Clear Finish is our recommended sealer for all pure and bright white painted finishes.

Recommended Use:

Clear Finish is formulated to seal and protect painted indoor surfaces. To maintain shimmer and shine, Clear Finish is perfect for sealing Pearl Plaster and metallic leafing or foils. Clear Finish is designed to be used on a variety of surfaces including furniture, walls, and most cabinetry. Clear finish is not recommended for outdoor use. The more coats of Clear Finish, the glossier the finish for more modern aesthetics.  Since dried Clear Finish can sometimes have a glossy characteristic depending on the amount of coats applied, it is not recommended on floors. Do not use on surfaces previously sealed or to be sealed with wax. To add an additional sealer over waxed surfaces  or to seal floors we recommend Clear Topcoat Sealer by Artisan Enhancements ®.

Important Facts:

Clear Finish is an all natural, water based varnish. It is not recommended to be used over chemical based cleaners, thinners, or mineral spirits. After chemicals or mineral spirits are used to clean the surface, all residue of the chemical or mineral spirits must wiped back thoroughly and allowed to “off gas” (usually takes 24 -36 hours). To remove residual traces of chemicals or mineral spirits, we recommend wiping down any surface that has been cleaned with chemicals or mineral spirits with warm water. Allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before using Clear Finish. Just remember natural products DO NOT mix with chemical products.

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